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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eWallet?

Our eWallet allows family and friends to create a cashless/cardless payment option for students to use at a Bookworm Central Onsite Book Fair. Ours is unique because you enter the maximum amount a student can spend but your card will only be charged the amount actually spent.It will not be rolled over into book fair credits, nor will you lose unsent funds.

How to Set up eWallet

Read the following steps or watch the Video to learn how to set up eWallet.

1. After clicking "Register", fill in the information in the fields provided.

2. Enter student information, including name, school, teacher, grade, and the maximum amount they can spend.

3. Enter your credit card details. Remember, the card will only be charged the amount spent, not the maximum amount, and only once a purchase is made.

4. When you are ready, click the "Print eWallet" button under the student's information. This includes a unique barcode that will be scanned upon checkout at the book fair.

5. If creating eWallets for more than one student, please repeat steps 2-4…

Optional: After registering the first student you can choose to add more students, check payment history, and update your credit card details.